Gail O'Hara, Erin Smith, Akeo Ihara, Janet Beveridge Bean, Bob Fay, Brian Lynch, Pat Graham, Thom Snively, Theresa Kereakes + more.

Catherine Irwin : Freakwater is an American alternative country band from Louisville, Kentucky, with one co-founding member living in Chicago. Freakwater is known for the lFreakwaterf Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin, who mix harmony and melody in idiosyncratic dissonant country-folk that is reminiscent of the Carter Family.

Cynthia Nelson : Ruby Falls was a New York City-based math rock band active from 1992 to 2000. Later in their history, the band consisted of entirely female musicians.

Dave Pajo : Is an American musician from Louisville, Kentucky. He has been fucking shit up since the 80s, mostly just as a function of being alive - but fortunately for us (by which we mean 'You'), also with music, blessing listeners with a wide span of sounds projected from his deeply personal nexus point of interests. He has been making music for five (different) decades.

Greg King : Greg King is an award-winning filmmaker, artist and musician based out of Los Angeles, California, although he is quick to add that he hails from Louisville, Kentucky. His directing work spans documentary films, narrative shorts, experimental art

films, music videos, and non-profit promos. His films have played such festivals as Hot Docs, Edinburgh, Ann Arbor, Rooftop, deadCenter, and the Brooklyn Film Festival, and his visual art has been exhibited across the country in numerous galleries, artist-run

spaces, and museums.

Heather Cantrell : Heather Cantrell was born in Louisville, Kentucky and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She is best known for her photographic portraiture, which considers the relationships between notions of self, social status, public performance, and collective identity. Her most recent works integrate elements of performance and installation art.

Ian Svenonius : is an American musician and singer of various Washington, D.C.- based punk bands including Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up, Weird War, XYZ, Escape- ism, and Chain and The Gang. Between his numerous projects, Svenonius has released more than 22 full-length albums and over 20 singles, EPs, and splits. A published author and online talk show host, Svenonius' projects share a tongue-in-cheek, radical left political ideology.

Jason Noble : Shipping News was an American post-rock/post-hardcore band. The group formed in the fall of 1996 when members Jason Noble and Jeff Mueller, who were both in Rodan & Rachel's were an American chamber music group that formed

in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1991. Former Rodan guitarist Jason Noble played music individually and referred to himself as Rachel's but then began collaborating with core members violist Christian Frederickson and pianist Rachel Grimes.

Jeff Mueller : is an American vocalist and guitarist best known as a member of the math rock bands Rodan, Shipping News and June of 44. His bands have been critically recognized for being key forerunners in the development of post-rock, math rock and post-hardcore.

Jon Brumit : Jon Brumit is an artist working at the intersections of sound, public engagement, collaboration and structured improvisation. His solo and collaborative works have been exhibited internationally at venues including the Whitney Museum of American Art, DeYoung Museum, MCA Chicago, Artists Television Access (SF), Venice Architectural Biennale, Novi Sad Contemporary Museum (Serbia), Radio Web MACBA (Barcelona), MOCA Los Angeles, MOCAD Detroit, SF MOMA, 0047 (Berlin), and In-F (T okyo).

Letha Rodman Melchior : Letha played bass in her husband’s band, Und Das Menace, and made her own music, often under the name Tretetam. Respected around the world for wildly diverse and experimental brand of rock, the British-born Dan Melchior settled in Durham eight years ago, living and working side-by-side with Letha and Glen, the couple's beloved parakeet.

Leslie Gomez-Gonzalez is a multidisciplinary artist based in Miami, FL, primarily working in ceramics, photography and video. Her practice investigates daily routines for bodily care (bathing, menstruation, dressing, etc.) seeking to provide another way to regard our bodies, their histories, and the care necessitated by them.

Maitejosune Urrechaga : Visual artist Maitejosune Urrechaga is a South Florida artist who works with comic books, music, and film. She is perhaps best known as the "better half" of Miami's Pocket Of Lollipops husband and wife outfit where she plays bass and shares vocal duties with her husband drummer. In 2008 she received the Best Art Basel Headline for her Interactive Art Installation in the Miami New Times. She has exhibited art at Dorsch Gallery, Frost Museum, Art & Culture Center of Hollywood. Maite has been a part of the music and art scene since her teens. She is a punk kid at heart with a love for the avant-garde.  She is drawn to the rule breakers and text book makers.

Michael Galinsky : is an American filmmaker, cinematographer, photographer, and musician who has produced and directed a number of documentaries, several of them in collaboration with his now-wife, Suki Hawley. With their partner David Beilinson, they run a production and distribution company called Rumur.

Ron Liberti : Lives/Works as an Artist & Musician in Chapel Hill, NC

Current Musical Acts Pipe - Cold Cream - Poncho Holly's Bullfight Party - Thick Pillows

Suki Hawley : is an American indie filmmaker and a partner in the production and distribution company RUMUR. Either solo or with Michael Galinsky, she has directed low-budget fictional narratives but has mostly concentrated on documentaries in recent years.

Tara Key : Antietam is an indie rock band from Louisville, Kentucky formed in 1984 by members of the Babylon Dance Band, husband and wife duo Tara Key and Tim Harris. They released six albums between 1985 and 1995, and since the late 1980s have been based in New York. They ceased working as a band in 1996 but reformed in 2004 and have gone on to release several more albums.

TJO : Tara Jane O'Neil began her music career as the bass guitarist and vocalist for the influential Louisville, Kentucky post-rock group Rodan. After their breakup in 1994, she moved to New York, where she joined Retsin, Ida Retsin Family (a collaboration between Retsin and Ida), The Sonora Pine, and The Naysayer. She released her first solo record in 2000.

Sean Meadows : Sean Meadows is an American vocalist and guitarist best recognized as a founding member of June of 44 and The Sonora Pine. He also played bass guitar with Lungfish and HiM and he resides in Chattanooga with his wife and sons.

Tim Foljahn : During the Two Dollar Guitar run, Foljahn also collaborated and toured extensively with Jad Phair, Half Japanese and Mosquito; with Cat Power; Thurston Moore (Male Slut); Spanish chanteuse, Christina Rosenvinge; and, most notably,

with Townes Van Zandt, abandoning a Geffen Records project upon his death. (Foljahn appears in the 2004 Townes documentary, Be Here To Love Me.) From 2006-2008, he gigged with Pussy Galore’s Bob Bert and Mark C (Live Skull) in the art-psych band Int’l Shades, as well as playing bass and recording in projects with Smells Like Records artist, John Wolfington; Megan Reilly, Jennifer O’Connor, and ex-Int’l Shades band mate, Alexa Wilding . His latest release, FUCKING LOVE SONGS.

Tim Furnish : Crain was an indie band from the late 80's - early 90's from Louisville, Kentucky. The band was similar to Slint and Rodan, as a part of the math rock and post- rock genres. They were born out of the ashes of the Louisville band, Cerebellum.

Barbara Johnson : is a visual artist who works in her own convergence between printmaking and painting. In her most recent work, she has honed a hybrid technique of layering ink to create warm abstract spaces that explore the dimension of infrathin. Johnson currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland, where she advocates for clean water and environmental justice.